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High School


The curriculum in High School is based on the Common Core standards in English Language Arts, mathematics, science and Computer Science. Arabic and Islamic are based on the Ministry of Education curriculum and therefore are aligned with regional standards and is compulsory until the 12th grade.


Physical Education is a compulsory subject, while History, Geography, French Language, German Language, Art, and Graphic Design, Engineering and AutoCAD, Business Studies and Economics, are also all aligned with the U.S. international standards and form part of the electives. Teachers plan their lessons in the light of key learning outcomes as outlined in the curriculum and implement them through differentiated instruction, using resources beyond students’ textbooks. The Arabic and Islamic curriculum from the Ministry of Education, shows flexibility, the sequence in skills and experiences, and alignment with the school mission and vision. The written and taught curriculum in Arabic and Islamic, are aligned.


Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), has accredited the school with having a good curriculum in the High School Section in terms of the key aspects of breadth and balance, continuity and progression, review, and development, provision for all different groups of students, and enrichment. ADEK congratulated the High School Section for participating in the World’s Robotics Competition held in Shanghai China and for receiving the “Best Organization Award”.  


The school is in the process of gaining accreditation through The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), which is the globally recognized standard of excellence, that promotes high-quality education for all students through accreditation, professional assistance, and pursuit of best practices. 


To further prepare our High School students for College readiness, the school registered with the US College Board for PSAT and AP examinations and pan to enhance our students’ English language skills through additional TOEFL preparation exams.


Besides international Robotics competitions, science and Computer Programming exposure, students in the High School are also enrolled in the international French and German assessments and benefit from the school’s partnerships with French and German entities that will create further opportunities for tertiary education, or post-secondary education in the future.


Data collected from the school results, international tests and preparations test the PSAT, Delft, TOEFL preparation, and the school’s self-evaluation, show that our student attainment and progress exhibits outstanding learning in High School.


Many of the students received scholarships for their hard work and for meeting the high school expectations.


The High School students’ learning experiences are enriched through systematically planned activities that accurately implement the written curriculum. Computer programming, Engineering and AutoCAD, Visual Arts, and Graphic Design, Business Studies, Economics, additional Languages with World History and Geography, provide our High School students the opportunity to discover their skills and talents. 

Moreover, the “My Identity Program”, Moral Education and the Arabic and Islamic studies curriculum enhance the development of students with respect to local culture and Islamic values.

High school students are requested to provide evidence of work placement experience and skills development within a pursuit of their choice. The school will provide students with various career options at companies and students in the 10-12th grade, will need to provide evidence of 15 hours of internship to be submitted before the end of the second term of school. The students will need to complete a work log which needs to be signed by the employer of the company they have chosen. The work log, as well as the character reference, will form part of the students’ formative assessment within pursuits (career orientation).

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