School Catering

Pre KG, KG1 & KG2 will need to bring food and beverages to school for break and lunch time. We expect all parents to ensure that any food and beverages sent in with children encourage similar healthy eating habits.  In particular, all parents please ensure that you do not allow your children to bring nuts, sweets, chocolate, crisps, or fizzy drinks to school. Furthermore, to avoid the possibility of adverse reactions to food allergies, please remind your children not to share their food with their friends. 


Grade 1 and above may choose to bring in food and beverages, or may opt to be served healthy food and beverages by our caterers, Keita.


Keita offers healthy varieties of food for AJYAL students including sandwiches, salads, juices, water, hummos, cereal, eggs for breakfast and many other food items. Hot food is also available everyday for lunch and changes daily.


Keita caters for Burjeel Hospital and has an important concept for healthy food. 

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