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Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

  • To be a learning-centred educational institution.

  • To provide world-class, international education opportunities to Emirati and expatriate students that meet international standards whilst, at the same time, are cognisant of the local culture, values, and traditions.

  • To provide the UAE with the next generation of STEM practitioners.

  • To provide the U.A.E. with well-qualified citizens equipped with core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that will help students to thrive and contribute in today's everchanging global economy. 

  • To develop national identity, fostering and establishing national loyalty towards the UAE among all students.

  • To provide the UAE with citizens who embrace rapid economic development and internationalization but who also recognise the value in celebrating, understanding, and valuing Emirati history, culture, and values.

  • To develop global citizens who value Arabic language, Islamic education, and the history, culture, and traditions of the UAE.

​Through the effective management of the curriculum, the school day, events, and visits, as well as engagement with the local community, businesses and the parent body, Ajyal International School - Al Falah ensures that all students have a deep and profound understanding of UAE history, culture, and traditions. Ajyal International School - Al Falah ensures the ‘My Identity’ programme is fully embedded in all aspects of the curriculum and commits to ensuring the Moral Education curriculum is delivered across all year groups, recognizing the importance of moral education and personal and social development for all students.

Our Vision

The vision of Ajyal International School - Al Falah is to contribute to the development of human capital in Abu Dhabi by providing affordable, high-quality education resulting in outstanding individual progress and attainment.

Ajyal International School - Al Falah serves the community by offering a high-quality 21st-century learning experience that educates and informs students, providing the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with its next generation of inventors, creators, physicists, chemists, engineers, and scholars.


The mission of the school provides a sense of purpose to the organization as it seeks to make an impact in its own community.

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