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Chess Tournament Boys Grades 6-12
Chess Tournament Girls Grades 6-12
Math Competition Girls Grades 6-8
Math Competition Boys Grades 6-8
Arabic Spelling Bee Grade 5
Arabic Spelling Bee Grade 4
Arabic Spelling Bee Grade 3
Arabic Spelling Bee Grade 2
Arabic Spelling Bee Grade 1
Arabic Spelling Bee KG2
Grade 4 Bookworms Winners
Grade 3 Bookworms Winners
Grade 1 Bookworms Winners
Book Fair
Staff Iftar
Mother's Day
Emirati Children's Day
International Day
KG2 Sports Day
Hag Al Laila 
Math Cmpetition
KG2 Science Fair
National Day Performance
National Day 29th November
Grade 3 students breakfast
Grade 2 Exhibition
Career Fair
Career Day- Parent Pre K
Chevron Readers Cup reading competition
Healthy Body and Mind Campaign
Flag Day
Marathon Winners
School Marathon
Teachers' Day
Astronaut Costume
Unveiling PASCH Plaque
NYU Career Counseling
Animal Costume KG2
KG1 First Day of School AY 2023-24
LUKA The Lion's Tooth
KG Science Experiement
UAE National Day 29th November
UAE National Day 28th November
Flag Day
Breast Cancer Awareness
Saudi National Day 2022
Emirati Children's Day
World Book Day
50th UAE National Day
Flag Day 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021
Saudi National Day 2021
Welcome back to school 2021
Art Exhibition
Al Watan Palace visit
WER World Championships in CHINA
Science Festival Opening Ceremony
Our Robotics team visited ADEK
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