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Middle School


Our teachers in the Middle School are utilizing the American Common Core curriculum for core subject areas and provide a robust yet supportive learning environment for all.  


In addition to a strong academic and English Language support program, the Middle School offers a combination of core subjects such as English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics. Islamic, Arabic Language, Humanities, and Social Studies, along with subjects taught by specialists’ teachers, such as Computer Science, Computer Programming, Robotics, Art and Design, French and German Language, music, and physical education. 


Students are provided with the opportunity to utilize Apple IPAD technology and visit the school's well-equipped computer and science laboratories during the day. Middle school students enjoy Science Fairs, English and Arabic reading competitions, and mental math challenges.  

Middle school students are exposed to a wide variety of after-school activities and clubs. Students are involved in fascinating exploratory opportunities and educational experiences that help to prepare Middle School students for High School and beyond.   

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