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Elementary School


At Ajyal Falah your child will find excellent learning opportunities, valuable activities, and lasting friendships. We strive to nurture and develop students with 21st Century learning experiences that will develop well-rounded individuals who will make a difference in their communities and their worlds. Ajyal Al Falah School is a school known for building close and enduring relationships between students and teachers, and the Elementary School values the home-school partnership with you as parents.

The Elementary School provides a warm and caring atmosphere that challenges students to collaborate constructively, think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively. We focus on providing engaging lessons that include opportunities for innovation with a hands-on approach.

Our education program includes a combination of core subjects such as English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics. Islamic, Arabic Language, and Arabic Social Studies, along with subjects taught by specialists teachers, such as Computer Science, Art,  French Language, German Language, music, and Physical Education. 


Students are provided with the opportunity to utilize the school's' Apple IPAD technology to enhance their learning within their homeroom classrooms.


Small class sizes across the school, allow students to get to know their teachers and peers and to form a positive social connection. 


The Elementary section's students have access to after-school activities. These activities include a variety of after-school sports activities,  swimming galas, art, English, Islamic and Arabic competitions. 

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