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Tuition and Fees


Tuition and Fees and Payments



  • A payment of AED. 500.00 will be made towards each new application and file processing for new students (Not applicable to current and returning students).

  • Registration fees deposit to be paid after a successful assessment (5% of the total tuition fees for each grade). This will be deducted from the school’s annual tuition fees.

  • School Bus Transportation Fee AED 4,575 / per year.

  • If subsequently the seat is not taken up a part of the registration fees is refundable if the school is informed before August 10th.

  • Term fees are payable before the term starts, otherwise, seats cannot be guaranteed.

  • Full Year Bus Fees are paid along with First Term fees.

  • The school uniform can be purchased from the Uniform Shop which is located within the school, contact details: 02 - 2034507.

  • School timing is (07:45 a.m. – 13:00 for KG, and 07:45 – 15:00 for Elementary and Middle school). Bus transportation is offered on a first come first serve basis.

  • Students with outstanding fee-balances, will not be re-enrolled for the next academic year until the full amount of arrears are paid.

  • In case of the parent’s employers or any other party paying the tuition fees directly to the school on behalf of the parent an E-form needs to be completed (“Employment Undertaking Form”)

Please note:

Please note that school fees might increase as per ADEK approvals. Parents will be informed via circulars during the academic year. 

  1. Term 1 payment is due on July 31st, 2024

  2. Term 2 payment is due on November 30th, 2024

  3. Term 3 payment is due on January 30th, 2025

  • Returned Cheques  Charges (Effective from Nov 5th, 2018) - Any cheque returned from the bank for any reason will incur a charge of AED 500 which will be added to the student’s account. A second returned cheque will incur a further charge of AED 750 and any future payments to the school must be made in cash only.

  • Post Dated Cheques (Effective from Nov 5th, 2018 ) - In case the Parent wants to withdraw PDC, they should inform us in writing or through email, 7 days prior to the PDC date.  All PDC will be returned in lieu of a payment in cash and bank transfer.

  • No, follow up calls will be made to Parents for the PDCs received as all PDCs will be deposited on the due date only. Hence parents are requested to keep sufficient balance in a bank on PDC due date for smooth encashing of all PDC’s. In case of bounced PDCs, Returned Cheque charges will be applicable as mentioned in the above said point.

Terms and Conditions of Student's Transportation

School Bus fee policy 

Bus fee payments: 

The school's bus transportation is outsourced; therefore, the transportation fee is charged for ten months in an academic year and must be paid in advance before the beginning of the academic year. Students are not allowed to board the bus if their bus fees are not paid in full. If the transport fee is not paid by the 10th of the first month of the academic year, the bus service will not be available from the next day.


Transportation discontinuation: 

Discontinuation of bus services will only be allowed at the end of the academic year. No refund will be permitted for any unexpired portion of the year.


In case of cancellation, parents must submit a letter to the accounting department before September 10th, 2023, to claim a refund. Any application for a refund of bus transportation fees after September 10th, 2023, will not be approved.  

Methods of payment

Cash, Cheque and Bank transfer

Bank transfer to the following address:


Account No       :  1004218770

IBAN No             :  AE440230000001004218770

Bank                   :  COMMERCIAL BANK OF DUBAI

Branch               :  Abu Dhabi


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