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Bus Transport


Terms and Conditions of Student's Transportation

School Bus fee policy 

Bus fee payments: 

The school's bus transportation is outsourced; therefore, the transportation fee is charged for ten months in an academic year and must be paid in advance before the beginning of the academic year. Students are not allowed to board the bus if their bus fees are not paid in full. If the transport fee is not paid by the 10th of the first month of the academic year, the bus service will not be available from the next day.


Transportation discontinuation: 

Discontinuation of bus services will only be allowed at the end of the academic year. No refund will be permitted for any unexpired portion of the year.


In case of cancellation, parents must submit a letter to the accounting department before September 10th, 2022, to claim a refund. Any application for a refund of bus transportation fees after September 10th, 2022, will not be approved.  


Student safety is our top priority.


Ajyal International School - Al Falah have outsourced the school transportation service to a Company, which is approved by both the Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and the Abu Dhabi Road and Transportation Authority (RTA).

Ajyal International School Transportation Service [STS] operates a bus fleet that maintains exceptional safety standards and strictly follows the specifications and regulations laid down by the RTA and ADEC. All buses are fitted with Video Surveillance Systems, Seat Belts, Global Positioning Systems, and scanners. Our certified female bus supervisors ensure the safety of our students.

Transport Support

The transport company is managed by experienced professionals who have a long track record of safe transportation of students.  It works closely with the school administrative team to ensure that parents and students receive the best service possible.

Transport registration details

After submitting the Transport Request Form, the area specialist will check the route and the pick-up and drop off point to ensure that they are able to offer the service in your area and that the pick-up and drop off point is safe. Once this has been confirmed and the number of seats are filled for the area, you will be notified of the timings, bus number, driver’s details, and the bus mobile contact number.

For more information contact us

Reception: 022034501 / 022034502 / 022034503

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