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Pastoral Care and



At Ajyal International School Al Falah, we have an enormous heart for children. Our students are guided and supported by all staff members. Our staff training sessions include procedures and policies to safeguard our students which ensures that all staff will engage in creating an environment where students will feel safe, confident and happy to participate. Working closely in partnership with the Ministry of Civil Defense, all staff members understand that the well-being and safety of our students is a very important part of our daily interaction and is a priority. Our school’s medical and health clinic is well-equipped and our school’s nurse ensures that students’ health is of high precedence.


At Ajyal International School Al Falah, our highly-experienced Human Resource Manager (HR), ensures that DBS checks and staff reference checks are conducted before any appointments are made.


Pastoral care is an essential part of all teacher-student engagement in the Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School sections. In Middle School, homeroom teachers ensure that pastoral care forms an integral part of their collaboration with students and students’ social and emotional development. Our staff members work collaboratively together to ensure that our students will develop the confidence, trust, and skills to communicate their needs and reach their full potential.


Ajyal International School Al Falah promotes students’ well-being, social-emotional development, healthy living, healthy food, and an anti-bullying and safe environment. At Ajyal Al Falah, our students have the right to be safe, to be taught, to be listened to, to be supported, to have friends and to be protected, no matter their ability, age, cultural background or gender.

Counseling Service

Our well-qualified and experienced counselor is available to all students from Kindergarten to Middle School. The counselor conducts many interactive sessions with students across the school to support them and to encourage them to speak about any issues or emotional or social barriers they might face that will affect them or their learning. Our counselor will contact parents for their consent before any counseling sessions with students will be scheduled. After receiving parent’s signed consent, appointments with the counselor are scheduled within our school hours and students’ teaching time is discussed with the subject or homeroom teachers. The counselor contributes to the progress of all students, including the gifted and talented students, by collaborating with the Learning Support Team and by tracking and monitoring students’ performance. Furthermore, our counselor encourages each student to reach their academic and social-emotional goals.

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