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Behavior and Attendance Protocol


Quick reference
Re-centre our thoughts, our priorities, our safety, our students’ safety, our teaching, and our students’ attendance

Level 1 Minor Misconduct
  • Arriving late or being absent without an excuse

  • Having or using toys, audio or wireless, mobile communication devices, or other items (that are inappropriate for school)

  • Violating the dress code- (including different color school jackets and shoes)

  • Being in an area where students are not allowed to be

  • Breaking the classroom and playground rules

  • Disrespecting students or staff

  • Causing disruption in the classroom

  • Repetition of: Student not responding to teacher’s instruction for cooperative learning in the class.

  • Repeatedly not completing homework or class assignments

  • Unexplained absences

  • Mocking others

  • Disruptive behavior on School buses (e.g. vandalizing bus seats).

Level 2 Serious Misconduct
  • Responding to consequences for minor misconduct in an irresponsible manner

  • Repeating minor misconduct three times

  • Leaving the classroom without permission

  • Fighting, physical confrontation without injury, and encourage other to fight

  • Unwanted teasing or taunting of others

  • Damaging and / or destroying school or personal property

  • Obscene gesture / language; distribution of objects, literature, or material that are  inappropriate for an educational setting

  • Leaving school grounds without permission

  • Absence without excuse

  • Repetition of: Student not responding to teacher’s instruction for cooperative learning in the class.

  • Bullying and threatening of other students verbally, physically, and/or electronically

  • Possessing or viewing pornographic or other inappropriate materials.

  • Providing false documents

  • Cheating in exams or assignments.

  • Theft

  • Bringing mobile phones to school and taking pictures of self and students.

  • Not singing the National Anthem and paying respect to the Quran

  • Responding to consequences for serious misconduct in an irresponsible manner

  • Repeating serious misconduct

  • Possession of contraband items, e.g., dangerous objects, sharp items, drugs, tobacco, etc.

  • Fighting or any careless action, which results in the injury of a person or damage to property

  • Physical use of force (hitting, striking, strangling, harming) or violence by an individual against another

  • Repetition of: Student not responding to teacher’s instruction for cooperative learning in the class.

  • Bringing dangerous items to the school (e.g., sharp items, fire crackers, cigarettes, lighters, weapons)

  • Truancy (not attending school without parent permission)

  • Assaulting Teaching Faculty members, staff or members of the local community

  • Committing major actions contradictory to public morals such as sexual assault.

Level 3 Major Misconduct
Level 4 ADEK Advance
Banned Disciplinary Actions
  • False accusations of, or threats to, school staff members

  • Immoral behavior, including harassment

  • Any similar actions to these violations, repeat of lower offences

  • Lowering or threatening to lower grades.

  • Group punishment for an individual’s misconduct.

  • Mocking or insulting the student in private or in public.

  • Preventing the student of using washroom facilities or consuming food.

What to do next
  • Teachers intervene (re-enforce positive behavior conduct). Verbally motivate, warn, remind (time out).

  • 3 Warnings (red on traffic light)

  • Inform parents through (Class Dojo, email)

  • Inform supervisor

  • Detention (parents to be informed)

Action to be taken
  • Report to supervisor

  • Supervisor will contact parents

  • Principal and PA will be informed

  • Meeting with parents scheduled through PA

  • Monitoring system

  • Possible suspension for 3 days

  • Counselling Ms. Leila/outside intervention

  • Support plan (behavior, emotional)

  • Admission at risk

Action to be taken (no tolerance)
  • Immediate report to supervisor

  • Principal will take serious action

  • ADEK will be informed

  • Suspended (5days - possible longer)

  • Monitoring system

  • Admission withdrawn

Action to be taken (no tolerance)
  • Advance level

  • ADEK full intervention

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